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Jenna Hur, L.Ac.

Jenna studied Psychology (B.S) at the University of California, Riverside and completed her Masters (M.S) and Doctorate (Dr.) in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in San Jose, CA where she had the pleasure of working with and learning from highly reputable doctors. She strives to optimize the health of her patients through acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as making sure patients are heard and well-informed throughout the process of healing.

When completing her Doctorate, Jenna submitted her dissertation on treating prediabetes with acupuncture and dietary modifications. Throughout her research process, she was fascinated by how the different modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine help prevent and treat common diseases that affect millions. Jenna intends to pursue her dissertation further and dive deeper into this medicine so that she may better educate others and offer treatments that cater to the individual patient. She believes this is paramount in helping people optimize their health.

Jenna enjoys spending time outdoors-whether it’s hiking in the Bay Area or lounging at the beach with her dog, Tiger. She hopes to take her love for nature and the outdoors further and go on a backpacking trip in the future.

jenna hur
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